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About Us


From backpackers looking to see the beautiful coastlines and islands of Australia, couples looking for a romantic day trip, management looking for team day incentives, bucks/hen parties looking for a day time activity before the big night out or people looking for a new adventure to tick off the bucket list; anyone 12 years old and over can have this adventure now on the Gold Coast with Too Easy Tours. We have it all.

Too Easy Tours offer a wide range of different packages including hopping from island to island taking in the breathtaking views on the way, whilst dining with our fantastic partner restaurants. We also offer wildlife encounters, snorkelling and a beautiful location to enjoy the sunset at the end of your day. It truly is the one stop place for jet ski fun on the Gold Coast suitable for any occasion.

a group of people standing next to a body of water
a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Over the years we have managed to find the best possible places for you to visit to cater for your needs, whether it be a day out on the water taking in the breathtaking views or a relaxing cruise over to the islands and enjoy the perfect meal with friends. You do not need any previous experience as our staff are fully trained and supervision will be given at all times.

A good understanding of the English language is a must. All we ask that you bring on the day is swimwear, sunscreen, appropriate footwear and a great big smile! You’re in for a real treat guys and we can’t wait to meet with you! TOO EASY!

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Since a young age I’ve always been known to have a keen sense of adventure and love for explore. I have always had a fascination with the sea and have been lucky enough to grow up around boats and jet skis, which has become a strong passion of mine. Since moving from the UK to Australia some years ago that passion has become even stronger with the beautiful shorelines and views that Australia has to offer. On my arrival and being surrounded by so much beauty I decided to turn my passion into a business and this is where “Too Easy Tours” was born.

I remember when I first moved from the UK I was a typical tourist wanting to see everything that Australia had to offer but I found after a few tours that although some were fantastic some lacked a few important things. They were rushed, impersonal and at the end of the tour I felt like all they cared about was getting rid of that group and getting on to the next one, some without even saying good bye.

After “Too Easy Tours” was official registered I used my past experiences to create the perfect packages for our customers along with a strong company ethos. Ours was a simple one:

  • Provide a high-quality tour
  • Never make our customers feel rushed (hence the name Too Easy)
  • Provide a personal touch to each and every guest